In 2012 the Wellington-Dufferin –Guelph Public Health offered funding to bring together all the people involved in the food system in Headwaters. Farmers, processors, public health, municipal politicians, eaters and foodies came together for the first Headwaters Food Summit.

One hundred and thirty-five participants identified five priorities for strengthening the Headwaters Food System:

  1. Growing Awareness – Raising awareness and educating the how, why and where of food issues
  2. Culinary Tourism – Profiling local farms and businesses to local residents and tourists
  3. School Programs – School-based food, farming and literacy programs
  4. Facilitating Distribution – Linking producers to consumers to strengthen our local food economy
  5. Improving Policy- Reducing barriers and creating supportive environments to grow our sustainable regional food system

Following the Summit, the Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance was formed under Headwaters Communities in Action.

Vision for Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance

The Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance (HFFA) envisions a food system in the Headwaters that is productive, sustainable, transparent and fair; supporting the health and well-being of our residents and food providers, and contributing to the prosperous and equitable economy.


Guiding Principles

  1. All Headwaters residents have access to – and can afford to eat – safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food.
  2. All Headwaters residents have the skills and knowledge to support healthy eating and make healthy food choices
  3. There is a diverse and sustainable food and farming system in Headwaters. The foundation of this system includes a skilled work force, informed residents and a protected land base.
  4. Agriculture and food businesses are connected to each other and to the community in order to contribute to job creation and a prosperous economy.
  5. Headwaters residents, politicians and community leaders are actively engaged in making and implementing decisions to positively impact our food and farming system.
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