What is it?

The Farm to School initiative offers two pilot programs to schools in the Headwaters Region:

Education Workshops where local farmers visit classrooms from kindergarten to grade 6, discussing farming and facilitating hands-on activities with curriculum connections and extension activities.

Local Food Club makes the home connection by allowing parents (or school staff) to purchase memberships and receive monthly local food feature packs including a feature seasonal recipe, local ingredients and information about the food and providers.


How to Help?

Here are a few things we need for this project:

  • Volunteers to help with classroom workshop activities
  • Volunteers to help with packing for local food club
  • Warehouse space for packing
  • Refrigerated truck and driver to make food deliveries one day/month
  • Fundraising help to ensure program sustainability

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Why do it?

These programs aim to help develop local food intelligence, skills and empathy among students and their parents and to make connections between local food producers and consumers.


Who to call?

This is a project of:

The Education, Literacy & Access working group


Project Contact:


Jennifer Payne 519.925.1851

Nicole Hambleton 416.884.8696


Follow this project:

Twitter: @headwatersfood  #farmtoschool

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 Sign Up

The Farm to School Programs have their own website. For more information, to inquire about classroom workshops or sign up for local food club at a participating school:

Visit the HFFA Farm to School site here