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Endorse the food charter to show that you support the vision, values                                                                                       and goals of the Headwaters Food Charter and Action plan.

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Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance communications plans for 2019 include monthly e-newsletters featuring the foundational pillars of the Headwaters Food Charter. The Charter was developed in 2016 in partnership with WDG Public Health and has been endorsed by most municipalities in Dufferin County and Caledon, plus hundreds of citizens and organizations. This series is intended to keep you informed about issues and events related to the Headwaters Food Charter’s 6 Pillars, 15 Goals and 27 Actions to improve our food system.

January 2019 – Environmental Reponsibility

February 2019 – Agricultural Sustainability

March 2019 – Health and Well-being

April 2019 – Environmental Responsibility

May 2019 – Food Access and Equity (coming soon)