Introducing the Headwaters Food Charter and Action Plan


The Headwaters Food Charter and Action plan is a community vision for our local food system. That’s right, “community”. Meaning, it’s a collaborative project owned by the community and involved input from over 350 people. We heard from businesses, farmers, municipalities, schools, community organizations and community members – like you!


The food charter uses food as a tool for community action. Together, we can build healthier communities by:

  • Using local food to promote tourism
  • Encouraging growth of local food businesses
  • Celebrating our agricultural heritage and locally grown foods
  • Advancing environmentally friendly and sustainable practices
  • Improving the availability of healthy local food in the community
  • Supporting local food champions and programs

Endorse today!

Endorse the food charter to show that you support the vision, values and goals of the Headwaters Food Charter and Action plan.

Click picture to view food charter.

For more information about the Food Charter please contact Lisa Needham,Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, 1-800-265-7293