The Headwaters Food Charter and Action Plan is here!

We are so excited to launch the Headwaters Food Charter and Action Plan! It is a community vision for our local food system. Gathering input from over 350 people, we heard from businesses, farmers, municipalities, schools, community organizations and interested community members – like you!


We learned that our stakeholders and community members really care about:

  • Protecting the environment
  • Access to healthy food for all
  • Promoting and protecting health
  • Celebrating our agricultural heritage and cultures
  • Supporting local food and farming businesses

These voices shaped the food charter’s goals and values for local food and farming in Headwaters.

Endorse now!

Endorse the food charter to show that you support the vision, values and goals of the food charter. So far, we have presented to eight councils and received unanimous endorsement. We are now inviting community organizations and members to join and show their support.

Together, we can use food as a powerful tool to build a stronger and healthier community – one local veggie at a time!

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