What is it?

The Farm to School initiative offers a number of programs and avenues to help schools throughout the Headwaters Region connect to the people and resources in their community who can help deliver experiential learning and nourishing local food experiences for students. Examples of present and past activities include:

Community Connectors

School Food Learning Circle

Education Workshops and Food Literacy Curriculum

Local Food Club

Family Food Classes

Fundraising Events

How to Help?

Here are a few things we need for this project:

  • Volunteers to help with classroom workshop activities
  • Volunteers to help with packing and driving for food programs
  • Warehouse and storage space for packing and storing kits and program supplies
  • Refrigerated truck and driver to make food deliveries
  • Fundraising help to ensure program sustainability
  • School champions to help promote Farm to School at all 50 schools in Headwaters

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Why do it?

These programs aim to help develop local food intelligence, skills and empathy among students and their parents and to make connections between local food producers and consumers. Ultimately, we hope that after learning where real food comes from and how important food production is, more children will enter farm careers to ensure a strong local food future in our region.

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Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @headwatersfood  #farmtoschool

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There’s so much happening in Farm to School that the programs have their own website!

Visit the HFFA Farm to School site here