What is it?

The Food Access and Poverty Reduction project focuses on supporting the vision and guiding principles of HFFA to ensure that:

  1. All Headwaters residents have access to and can afford to eat safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable food supported by a diverse and sustainable food and farming system.
  2. Agriculture, food businesses and community are connected to each other in order to contribute to job creation and a prosperous economy.
  3. Headwaters residents, politicians and leaders are actively engaged in making and implementing decisions to positively impact our food and farming system.

Activities have included Community Food Access Conversations and a Low Income Food Challenge called “Do The Math”.

Learn more about these activities here.


How to Help?

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  • Plan awareness raising activities
  • Spread communications about activities
  • Attend events and provide input


Why do it?

To raise awareness and support initiatives that:

  1. Ensure access to culturally acceptable, safe and nutritious foods to meet dietary needs in a manner that maintains human dignity.
  2. Promote poverty elimination efforts as inadequate income is a root issue to food insecurity (includes food availability, food accessibility and food literacy).


Who to call?

This is a sub-group of:

The Education, Literacy & Access committee

Project Contact: Kathryn MacDonald



For more information, or to inquire about upcoming activities:

  • Contact the above project contact
  • Read up on our blog under Food Access and Poverty Reduction categories
  • Sign up for our HFFA newsletter

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